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Are you looking to make the most of your new class of high-potential employees? JB Training Solutions specializes in onboarding, training, and retaining this unique group.

Navigating the business world as a fresh-faced, eager millennial is a tricky proposition. Unfortunately, there is no blueprint for workplace success. Yet, if millennials want to stand out, get ahead, and move up at work, they must master the "soft" business skills early on in their careers.

We know millennials. We've helped develop high-potential employees at several Fortune 100 companies including Discover, Walgreens, Abbott Laboratories, and ConocoPhillips, and we are the great defenders of millennials. We know that this generation is not better or worse than any other generation—they are just different. The reality is that by 2020, millennials will account for 50% of our global employees, so we better figure out how to work with them.

We know managers. We understand the frustration and tension you have with millennial employees. Across all industries, managers complain that millennials are entitled, arrogant, unable to make decisions, and reluctant to take initiative. We can help you understand why millennials are the way they are and offer specific tactics for how to best work with this unique group.

We believe it's about meeting in the middle. We know how to bridge the gap.

Team Building


Are you looking for the perfect keynote to spice up your conference or event? JB Training Solutions has a host of options and can customize a keynote to meet your needs.


"Dude, What's My Job?" Managing Millennials in Today's Workforce

"What is up with the kids these days?" While this isn't a new phrase, the unique set of challenges and liabilities that come along with millennial employees are throwing managers for a whirl. In this engaging keynote, we reveal insider information on the millennial generation. What makes them tick? What makes them unique? How do you motivate them given their strengths and weaknesses? The audience leaves with tangible tips to overcome the generational divide with a specific plan-of-attack on managing millennials with success.

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Millennials Mean Business: Developing Your Emerging Leaders

How are you preparing your millennial generation to LEAD your company? Does the mere reading of this question send chills down your spine? Millennials mean business, and they will be running your business before you know it. What skills do they need, and how can you prepare them for the next level? As a company that works with high-potential emerging leaders at several Fortune 500 companies, we share very specific ways you can develop your future leaders for the road ahead. Soft skills are critical to workplace success, but millennials are lacking—big time—in this area. We discuss new thinking on rotational programs, onboarding, learning and development, and you get to hear quotes from millennials themselves on how you can best work with them and prepare them for the next step. We even share best practices from some of the nation's top companies on what they're doing to train and retain their high-potential employees. In this information-packed program, you gain an enlightening step-by-step guide for developing your high-potential millennials to mean business.

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The Young And The Restless: A Millennial's Guide To Workplace Success

Navigating the business world can be a tricky proposition, especially for the latest crop of twenty-somethings: the millennials. Armed with pricy degrees, a plethora of internships, international experience, and the desire to build a meaningful career from day one, this ambitious generation has a lot to learn about succeeding at work. Often, it's not the job duties, but the soft skills that bog millennial employees down. At work, there is no syllabus to outline exactly what to do, so millennials struggle with how they can be most effective and successful. This engaging keynote covers all of the critical issues that millennials face at work including how to best work with the different generations, how to take ownership and display initiative from day one, and how to bring solutions to problems instead of bombarding managers with questions. Millennials leave this dynamic program with the tangible tips and tools to manage up and move forward with success.

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Generation Z: What You Need To Know Now

Who is shaking up our workplace next? Generation Z, The Posts, Globals, Boundless Generation, Divergents—no one knows quite what to call them yet, but they are coming! Just as every new generation entering the workforce frustrates, mystifies, and downright miffs the “old people”, this next generation will not disappoint. As a rebellion from the helicopter parents, Generation Z is being raised to be more self-directed which may clash with their “ everything as a team” Millennial managers. Realism, technology, pressure, and worry are things that this generation has lived with their whole lives, giving them a different perception from other generations. Generation Z is shaping up to be a pragmatic, transparent, no nonsense group of youngsters, and their oldest members, born in 1995, are exiting high school, starting college, and already planning for what’s next. So what do you need to be thinking about to prepare your organization to embrace and engage your soon-to-be interns and employees? Hear from our generational expert, and get a step ahead by learning tangible tips to begin building your leadership pipeline today.

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CHALANT: Leading With A Driving Purpose

In the age of ingenuity, our organizations need to under promise and over deliver—pushing beyond the status quo and the ordinary. As a leader, how can you replace complacency with a craving ambition? How can you create a culture where employees are inspired to exceed goals, do more than just what they are told to do, and go above and beyond on a day-to-day basis?

In this engaging session, the trainer takes a “lighter on theory, heavier on practicality” approach to leadership and brings you CHALANT. (Think the opposite of nonchalant!) This keynote reveals the secret formula of CHALANT to create a culture of passion, devotion, and action that encourages the development of employees. We illustrate how to embrace passion with real-life examples from companies like Zappos and Wal-Mart, develop true grit with stories from Michael Jordan and Malcolm Gladwell, and offer tactical principles on how to take action on goals to ensure success.

Participants leave this keynote with the ability to:

  • Identify and tap into personal passions to pump up workplace productivity and morale
  • Break down the walls to build a more transparent and diverse environment in the workplace
  • Inspire coworkers by sharing a vision, setting a strong example, and making work fun
  • Operate with grit by being persistent and keeping on the course when things get tough
  • Take action, under promise, and over deliver to exceed expectations and reach goals

This engaging and dynamic session provides an inventive approach on how individuals can work together to create a culture where everyone operates with purpose and tenacity.

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Managing To Lead: Working With And Inspiring Your Team

You likely were promoted because you did your previous job really well. Now, all of a sudden—you have PEOPLE! As exciting and rewarding of an experience being a manager can be, it can also be a bit daunting. This keynote is designed to be a step-by-step guide to help participants become inspiring managers with the knowledge and skills to lead teams and achieve results. Managers often know what the deliverables are, but they rarely get a plan of attack on how to lead their team effectively to reach those goals. This enlightening keynote takes the guesswork out of excelling as a manager. From laying out clear goals and expectations to giving feedback to their team without coming cross as the "mean boss" or the "know-it-all", this keynote outlines how to adjust communication styles and delegate responsibly in order to increase productivity and empower team members.

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Engaging From The Top For Bottom Line Results

This is not the typical, "go gettum" motivational speech on engaging your employees. There are no fancy acronyms, pie-in-the-sky theories, or inspirational quotes from ancient philosophers. This is an engaging, interactive keynote that delivers tangible, real-world advice for successfully engaging your employees. To jumpstart the program, we dive into specific tips for getting buy in from all employees, detailing how to set two-way expectations, integrate work/life balance, assign meaningful work, and manage change. Important strategies are revealed for providing regular feedback that will promote a culture of trust and communication. Participants walk away with a firm understanding of how they can engage their workforce successfully for the long haul.

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Keeping Up Morale In A Down Economy

It's easy to inspire the team when you're flying high, but this keynote provides you with the tangible tips to motivate and engage your team even when everyone thinks the ship is going down. In this engaging session, we offer advice on how to involve, explain, and share information with the team to increase camaraderie and connection. We also provide creative ideas for recognizing and rewarding team members when budgets are tight. In this power-packed keynote, you gain the motivation and insight you need to be an inspiring, engaging leader that employees want to follow.

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They're Just Not That Into You: How To Get The C-suite To Take Notice

HR. Let's face it, they're just not that into you. Although great strides have been made, HR still struggles to have a seat with their company's big decision makers. At your organization, are you in the corner office, or are you just in the corner? In this dynamic keynote, important techniques are offered for connecting HR to the big picture and the bottom line. The presenter covers the critical HR competencies to help you position yourself as an asset to the company and as an invaluable leader. This keynote covers the five competencies to getting noticed by the C-Suite including knowing the business, thinking strategically, communicating effectively, embracing change, and being a project and relationship manager. With real-life stories, participants learn exactly what they need to do as an HR leader to win over a team and lead positive change.

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The Good, Bad, & Ugly: Giving And Receiving Feedback

The majority of professionals cringe when it comes time for evaluations, self assessments, and even everyday feedback. Lack of communication contributes to 80% of workplace issues. Many employees associate feedback with the annual review, which happens once a year between a manager and a subordinate. The reality is that feedback is a daily process that can happen across all levels of an organization—especially among team members that work side-by-side. Rarely do employees make it a point to check in to say, "How's it going? What is going well? What isn't working?" The presenter discusses how to make these informal conversations a routine practice among colleagues. In this keynote, participants learn to break down walls and instill a feedback culture that is transparent, comfortable, and inspiring.

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Wow Your Crowd: The Insider's Guide To Captivating Any Audience, Anytime

Whether you are presenting to your team, your customers, or your bosses, speaking in front of an audience—large or small—can be a daunting task. In today's workplace, you need the ability to present ideas and persuade groups successfully. We speak to thousands of people across the country every year; we have conducted LIVE interviews on CNN and Dr. Phil, and even performed improv comedy for strangers. With years of experience as keynote speakers and corporate trainers, we can share inside information on wowing a crowd. This amazing keynote helps you overcome performance anxiety, gain confidence, and deliver effective presentations with poise and style. We provide remarkable knowledge and tangible techniques so you can captivate and impress any audience, every time.

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To Friend Or Not To Friend: Don't Let An Online Social Media Faux Pas Detrail Your Career

To friend or not to friend...that is the question. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have revolutionized the way we interact with our friends, family, and of course, our colleagues. Unfortunately, there aren't many handbooks for social media etiquette at the office. Everyone has heard horror stories about social media etiquette crashing careers, yet the lines are blurred and mistakes are still made. Should you add your boss as a friend? Can you mention your clients in your Facebook status? Can you forward that really funny, slightly inappropriate, joke to your department? This program offers an enlightening set of guidelines to live by for e-mail and social media etiquette. Participants learn the dos and don'ts of maintaining a professional online image and relationship with colleagues and potential employers. The presenter shares real examples (good and bad) to illustrate the impact of social media etiquette in a career. Participants leave the workshop with the knowledge to leverage social media to propel their career and avoid a career crashing faux pas.

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Making It Work At Work: Secrets To Successful Interpersonal Relationships

Have you ever said…I will NEVER understand her!, That's not how I would have reacted, or We will just NEVER get along? If so, you're not alone. Human resource managers report spending 24-60% of their time dealing with employee disputes. The reality is that you spend more time with the people at work than you do with your own family, yet only 55% of people actually like their co-workers. Wouldn't your life be more enjoyable if everyone at work could just get along? Working in teams is one of the most important components of success in the working world, yet poorly performing teams continue to drain an organization and individuals alike. In this enlightening keynote, we offer the secrets to working with even the most difficult team members.

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