JB Training Solutions: Workplace Training and Employee Development based in Chicago, IL.


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Our webinars are dynamic, power-packed, and easily accessible for individuals nationwide. Finally, employees can receive training without even leaving their desk! We can deliver any of our workshops in a webinar format. We customize the content for your company, so you can train your employees anytime, anywhere.

Our live webinars include:

  • Program development, set up, and day-of-program logistics
  • Customized content targeted to your specific audience
  • Polls, quizzes, and interactive exercises to keep participants interested
  • Sticky, real-life situations to bring creative solutions to actual issues
  • Live chat and Q & A to make the program as relevant and compelling as possible
  • Comprehensive resource packets to support and summarize the main learning points
  • Three-month and six-month follow-up plans to reinforce key messages
  • Access to the recording of the webinar for up to one month

Any of our live workshops can be customized and delivered via webinar. Looking for a webinar topic or theme that isn't on our site? Let us know! We can tailor a webinar to fit your needs.