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JB Training Solutions offers interactive and dynamic programs to assist professionals in achieving success in the workplace. By helping employees master the soft skills, JB Training Solutions builds stronger leaders, clearer communicators, better presenters, and respected managers.

Manager 3.0: A Millennial's Guide to Rewriting the Rules of Management. The new book by JB Training Solutions, coming June 2013.

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  • “JB Training Solutions hit on the exact topics the Blackhawks needed. With a relatively new staff and culture of communication, the presentations were terrific and delivered in an entertaining manner with specific tips on improving all levels. I would recommend this program to any company, especially if they are re-building. With our staff and so many young employees, this is often their first job out of college. The review of the overall types of communication and management styles as well as the presenter's outside perspective is crucial to those who don't have other work experiences to compare to. Well done and thank you! ”

    Marie Sutera
    Director of Human Resources at The Chicago Blackhawks

JB Training Solutions is a workplace training and employee development company based in Chicago, IL.

We're dedicated to professional development, working with corporate clients and individual employees to fortify their workplace skills. Our programs cover the "soft skills" which are often lacking in technical training programs: management techniques, presentation skills, time management strategies, communication styles, working across generations, and more.

JB Training Solutions has been featured by CNN, CNBC, Dr Phil, The New York Time, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Visit our Press Room for more.